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In order to become a Global Penfriends Member and start receiving penfriends, A membership form must be completed and sent to Global Penfriends along with a membership fee - Various services are available and prices are listed on the membership prices page. The registration form and fee can be sent to Global Penfriends via internet or postal mail. Upon receival of your membership form and fee, Global penfriends will send out your list of penfriends via postal mail or email. You can expect your list of penfriends within 48 hours (by email) and 2-3 weeks (international postal mail). If you have not selected your own penfriends from our Global Database, we will select your penfriends for you. Pen pals will be selected according to the criteria specified in your registration form, giving preference to other paying members.

Please complete our On-Line membership form. This form must be completed by all prospective members and contains all information including payment options. Upon submittal of this form, The membership fee must be paid.

If payment is to be made by post, the following options are available:
* Cash Notes (US, Australian, British Pounds or Euro's) - recommended for people outside Australia that aren't paying via credit card.
* Bank Cheque / Personal Cheque (Only accepted in Australian Dollars).
* Australian Postal Money Order (In Australian Dollars)

Cheques should be made payable to Global Penfriends. We accept Mastercard and VISA credit cards. If you have completed the online form and sent your membership fee, Global Penfriends will soon contact you with your penfriend list. Thankyou for taking an interest in Global Penfriends, and for "Keeping the Art of Letter Writing Alive". Our doors are always welcome to people with queries or questions, So email us at and we will reply as soon as possible.

Yours Faithfully,

Stuart Bourn
Manager - Global Penfriends  

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