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Whether you would like to correspond with someone in a foreign language, improve your knowledge of another country, arrange exchange vacations, develop your hobbies, learn about another culture, or if you just want to learn more about a certain area of the world.

Whatever the objective, Global Penfriends Snailmail Club can make it happen! We have members from just about every conceivable nation - from a wide range of ages. GP's snailmail service is strictly a "penfriendships service" and IS NOT a "dating service". Those seeking a romantic partner or someone for marriage should register on our Global Fling website.

Global Penfriends puts alot of emphasis into providing a snailmail penpal club where the members are active and genuine. These two factors help explain why our club is successful in providing penpals that reply and don't stop writing after a couple of letters. Global Penfriends is not just another penpal club, we want to make our club the very best penpalling club and to do this we need quality members. All penfriend profiles on our site are screened manually by profile administrators to ensure each and every penpaller is genuine.

Our penfriend club is partial subscription which means you can access some parts of the site for free, but for full access you must pay a membership fee. You can see the different penpal membership plans here.

The main purpose behind setting up Global Penfriends was to establish a postal penfriend or snail mail pen pal service that could provide a more modern and economical alternative to the existing postal penfriend services. For years I paid excessive membership fees for an old list of penpals because there was no alternative.

Now Global Penfriends provides that alternative. It may seem a little strange to find a postal penfriend site on the internet, however we see it as a means of making snail mailing more affordable and efficient.

Please follow this link for a brief guide on how to get your penpals from all over the world.


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