Creating Online Content

How To Write For The Reader

Perhaps one of the most important and overlooked parts of creating content online is that it has to be written with the intention of being read. Its simply amazing how often I come across a website that has worthless content. Nothing on the website makes any sense at all. Its clear that when the webmaster created the site, they were only interested in creating keyword rich content for the search engines.

Today, many of the websites that were once prominent on the search engines and that contained this stuffed content are almost completely gone. It is becoming harder and harder to find them and that is a good thing. After all, no one likes visiting a page that has worthless content that makes no sense.

My First Online Job – How I got started with writing

I first got into creating online content back in 2006. A friend of mine hired me to help promote a product he invented and planned on marketing online. I learned how to submit to link directories, post on forums and leave comments on blogs. I also got into creating the actual content on some of his websites. The content he wanted was stuffed with keywords and not easily read

This writing style was hard for me as it was not very natural and although I constantly urged him to allow me to write differently, this request was denied every time. He was of course the experienced internet marketer and I was new to the game.

Who would have known that I was right though. Today, none of those sites I helped him create are visible in the search results because they have been demoted or de-indexed.

Setting Out On My Own – Being my own boss

By 2007, I was already out on my own and taking on the jobs that I wanted to do rather than being forced to write the way others wanted me too.

My main source of clients was through the Digital Point Forums and it was here that I quickly built a name for myself. Within a matter of only a few days, I had already picked up several long-term commitments with real webmasters. I continued to work for them on a regular basis up until the recession began.

At one point, I was making more than a thousand dollars per month working online. Considering the fact that I had moved to the Philippines in 2005 and the exchange rate was in my favor, I was living like a king.

But the recession changed everything. I slowly watched as my monthly income levels diminished and the competition increase. As more and more people lost their jobs and sought employment online, it became harder to find good paying jobs. Then of course there was the excessive competition which drove rates so low that I just could not afford to compete anymore.

Making Money During The Recession – How I survived

It was interesting to say the least. After the recession set in full swing and work was getting harder to find, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to pay my bills so I had to get a real job. Luckily, the local job market here was unaffected by the recession in the US and I managed to find some work developing a website for a foreigner-owned company here.

After realizing that I was more than just a web developer, that I was a mechanical engineer, This company hired me as a regular employee to help redesign its old and antiquated product lines, as well as to introduce a new line of light-weight aluminum products.

I faithfully complied and helped the company increase its bottom line exponentially. For my hard work and dedication, I was kicked to the curb because the company president wanted everyone to think that he was the one who invented everything.

Nevertheless, I survived the recession and after having to deal with a long and drawn out labor dispute, I finally came out on top and was ready to rebuild my online enterprise

Maintaining An Online Business – Never go stale

If there is one thing I learned about writing online is that when you are running a profitable writing business, never allow yourself to go stale. The more time you spend working on other things and less time writing content for others, the harder it gets to drum up work. People just forget you or no longer trust you. They question why you stopped writing.

After working so hard for so many years to build a great online service, I lost everything because I stopped writing for more than a year. If I would have continued to push myself online throughout the recession, I could have come out as one of the greats, but I did not.

Maybe I should have hanged in there for just a little bit longer. Maybe it was fate and was a sign that I need to evolve and move on to bigger and better things in the online industry. Regardless, it was a decision that changed my life forever.

Life After Writing – The next step in evolution

Writing online content is not a life-long career, but rather it is merely a stepping stone for greater things. It is through writing that you learn from other webmasters. They share their secrets with you without ever knowing it and if you pay enough attention, you can one day stop writing content online and instead start building your own website and market them yourself.

Today, I own and operate 7 different websites. I spend my days at home with my 18 month old son watching barney and maintaining those sites as well as writing here. When my wife gets home, and after we all eat diner together, I go out and market my websites locally and in person. And while they are still very young, my efforts are already paying off.

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