A Great Resource for Artists Who Blog

If you are the creative type and want set up a blog to showcase your passion, this book will take you from soup to nuts in setting up and maintaining a successful website. Written in basic, easy to understand language, it starts with the basic set up and explanation of the different blogging platforms available, both free and self-hosted.

Once you have your blog started, you will need to decide what you need and where to place all these elements for ease of navigation as well as aesthetics. Chapter 4 covers the design aspects of a great looking blog as well as examples of beautiful and creative art blogs around the internet.

Creating great content for your blog is one of the most important ingredients of a successful website and the book delves into the elements that make a great website work. Maintaining and updating your contents on a regular basis is just as important to keep your readers interested and become regular visitors to your site.

Interacting with your readers can be a very rewarding experience as you will gain more followers, widen your circle of contacts and become a respected member of the blogging community. Blogging for Creatives guides you through the different social media sites and and the best ways to manage them.

The final chapters of the book deals with the maintenance of the blog including monitoring its performance (do you know what’ you’re supposed to monitor?), the best tools for the job and covers troubleshooting techniques. It ends with more examples of beautiful art blogs, plus niche communities where you’ll be able to garner even more insight into creating and expressive site of your own.

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